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Soc Definition III

Soc Definition III - Review Sheet#3 Soc 101 Chapter 9...

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Review Sheet #3 Soc 101 Chapter 9 Social Stratification Caste system The closed system of social stratification; membership is fixed at birth and is permanent. Social differentiation The process of categorizing people by some personal attribute Social Stratification Occurs when people are ranked in a hierarchy that differentiates them as superior or inferior Life chances Weber’s term for the chances throughout one’s life cycle to live and experience the good things in life Social class A number of people who occupy the same relative economic rank in the stratification system Privilege The distribution of goods and services, situations, and experiences that are highly valued and beneficial Race A group socially defined on the basis of a presumed common genetic heritage resulting in distinguishing physical characteristics Ethnicity Shared cultural heritage Gender The cultural and social definitions of feminine and masculine; Differs form sex, which is the biological fact of femaleness or maleness Sex-gender system A system of stratification that ranks and rewards gender roles unequally
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