Mitosis the cell life cycle

Mitosis the cell life cycle - The cell cycle and mitosis o...

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Mitosis the cell life cycle Cell division – overview o Cell division produces new cells in order to – Heal wounds Replace damaged cells For growth and development Reproduction Unicellular organism o Asexual reproduction Make exact copies Does not need 2 parents Single celled organisms, like amoebas, carry out asexual  reproduction o Some molecular organisms carry out asexual reproduction Plants – grow from cuttings Animals Fragmentation Parthenogenesis
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Unformatted text preview: The cell cycle and mitosis o Mitosis is an asexual division o It is part of the cell cycle the life cycle of the cell o Makes new cells that are exactly the came as the original cells o For cells that divide by mitosis, there are 3 steps in the cell cycle Interphase DNA is copied Mitosis DNA is split equally into 2 daughter cells Cytokinesis Parent cell is cleaved in half o...
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