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The Effect of Diversity in a School Stetting Kelsey Montgomery An important issue that is constantly being studied and argued over is whether or not we will ever be able to live in a world where different cultures, religions and ethnicities are united. As time progresses, the United States becomes more and more diverse. The teachers of today are responsible for educating children how to comprehend, accept, and appreciate the differences among people. In the book, “Teaching & Learning Elementary Social Studies,” by Aurthur K. Ellis, there are two key values in which a teacher must present to his or her students. Children must understand the concepts of diversity and the respect for individual rights. The classroom environment plays a large role in a child’s actions and attitude towards diversity. Teachers need to make sure that they treat every student equally. A student of a low- income family deserves the same amount of respect as a child who comes from a wealthy background. Every child
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