Ch.5 summary - Kelsey Montgomery Chapter 5 Reflection Dear Teachers I have received many requests for advice regarding social studies lesson plans

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Kelsey Montgomery September 24, 2007 Chapter 5 Reflection Dear Teachers, I have received many requests for advice regarding social studies lesson plans. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to develop a plan for learning. A plan is simply an organized way of thinking about the future; therefore, you must determine how and what you will teach your children. While developing a plan, make sure to carefully and flexibly lay out a schedule that includes variety and choice. Three things that need to be considered in developing a plan is deciding what needs to be accomplished, making sure that students are guided through experiences, and that is provides a frame of reference for meaningfulness. When developing lessons, the teacher becomes a decision maker. I feel that the most effective way to choose lessons is to use the developmental approach. It is important and effective to begin with a simple concept and gradually add on more information and skills. Children learn best when they are able to make connections to
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