Notes 1.30 - So we’ll pick up the story when Thomas...

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Unformatted text preview: So we’ll pick up the story when Thomas Jefferson is the president About Thomas Jefferson: • He was very enigmatic • Considered by many to be the philosophical founder of the US, because of his work on the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights • He was born in 1743 in Albemarle to very wealthy parents • Went to William and Mary, married Martha Skelton (sp?) and built/moved into Monticello • Member of the House of Burgesses, Ambassador to France, was the Secretary of State under George Washington o Against Washington’s wishes the nation split into two groups, the federalists and the democratic republicans • Was Vice President under John Adams o People didn’t run in pairs back then; whoever got the most votes was President and whoever got the 2 nd most votes got to be Vice President • Died, ironically on July 4 th , 1826 • He was a deist, meaning he thought that God created the earth, and that was it! o No belief in Jesus, thinks we are all left here to our own devices Thomas Jefferson believed in Republicanism • Republicanism came out around the same time as the enlightenment in Europe o Enlightenment said: we should put our skills into making the world a great place Skills are acquired by people who want it and people that work for it • Republicanism states that some people are meant to lead o Hierarchy of government should be based on skill o Jefferson focuses on science, language, philosophy, and naturalism...
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Notes 1.30 - So we’ll pick up the story when Thomas...

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