Notes 3.26-3.31 - We started off today looking at a high...

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Unformatted text preview: We started off today looking at a high speed test track, where planes go at a speed of 8.5 mach (which is 8.5 times the speed of sound) at the Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico Also at Alamagordo, there is tons of gypsum sand, which is very white and extremely fine H. recommends you camp there But what were REALLY interested in that happened at Alamagordo isOur plutonium bomb explosion! First, some background Some German physicists over here began talking about plans that Germans had to build atomic weapons Einstein is one of them, he writes a letter to FDR, and FDR and Churchill agree to set up the Manhattan Project and accomplish this BEFORE the Germans The Manhattan Project is still the largest single sciences endeavor taken on by humans o Had 120,000 employees in the US and Canada o It was done WHOLELY IN SECRET, everyone worked separately, Canada and Britain provided our funding o $2 billion budget in 1940, goat was to create 3 weapons of mass destruction, all slightly different We explode the first one in 1945 at Alamagordo o IT MELTS SAND SEVEN FEET INTO THE GROUND o It becomes very clear to us that this technology is highly important at times of war o There is still radiation there today Roosevelt dies in April 1945 (just before this test drop) and Truman takes over presidency o Truman is informed about this he was NOT TOLD about this when he was the vice president! Thats how secret it was! Stalin was not told about this either, even though Russia was our ally o Stalin found out about this through espionage and waited through many meetings to be told about it o We never told him; this made Stalin angry Back to WWII By the summer of 1945, nothing was going in or out of Japan, which was a huge stress for the Japanese We had destroyed 75% of Tokyo, most of Japan was a wreck in general We wanted to END the war, get it over with, but they werent surrendering Douglas McArthur made the prediction that if we had to attack Japan to end the war, then 100,000 to 1 million Americans would die [Im not totally clear on why he predicted this] Truman really wanted to end the war. Real bad. o On August 6 th , 1945, we drop a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan At ground zero, people just dropped dead in milliseconds People not at ground zero had their skin and muscles fall off their bodies People further away had their clothes melted to them as permanent tattoos People even further away, two hours later, began to bleed from every...
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Notes 3.26-3.31 - We started off today looking at a high...

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