Notes 4.02

Notes 4.02 - Today we started out talking about Harry...

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Unformatted text preview: Today we started out talking about Harry Truman Leader of the Democratic Party, was Roosevelts third choice for vice president, because he didnt have much experience He was brought up taught that blacks were inferior, in a racist home and society Civil rights issues still bothered him, though In summer of 1948, he desegregated the armed forces o This was Executive Order 9981, no one would be denied enrollment, promotion, or anything based on their skin color o Army was the first to integrate, navy was the last, and navy is still least diverse part of armed forces o Truman started here because no one could refuse it! You follow your orders or you are court marshaled Chief Justice Fred Vinson In 1947 he was working to address all the segregation cases that were coming his way o Most cases were on local levels having to do with public affairs like schooling He tells Thurgood Marshall, an NAACP lawyer, to go out and find these cases and bring all of them to him o Marshall goes out and finds five cases of black students living near white schools that are forced to take a bus hours and hours away to go to a black school Cases were from Delaware, D.C., South Carolina, Kansas, and Virginia o Vinson picks the Kansas case, because the state is more neutral, and looks into it thoroughly o Linda Brown was a black girl living a block away from a white school, but having to travel 3 hours to go to a different one Then Fred Vinson dies Next Earl Warren comes into our notes again!...
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Notes 4.02 - Today we started out talking about Harry...

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