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HISTORY OF AMERICAN ART --- Adelson SLIDE LIST: 3 Monuments of this list are required; useful terms and important names are indented beneath the monument information ROCOCO: 1750-76 *J. Richardson, Teakettle on stand, c.1760 (Yale University) *Michael Graves, Teapot (Whistling Bird), 1985—manufactured by Alessi Post-modernism : late 1960s to present *Anon., High Chest [made in Philadelphia], 1760-70 (Winterthur Museum, DE) Thomas Chippendale, The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director , 1754 *P. Johnson, American Telephone and Telegraph (now Sony) Building, 1978 (New York) P. Johnson, Philip Johnson House (The Glass House), 1948-9—International Style Anon., Port Royal parlor, 1760-80 T. Gainesborough, Mr. and Mrs. R. Andrews , 1748 *C. W. Peale, General George Washington before Princeton , 1779 (several replicas were painted –Metropolitan Museum of Art/one recently sold by Christie’s)
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Unformatted text preview: *W. Williams, Deborah Hall , 1766 (Brooklyn Museum) J. Blackburn, Isaac Winslow and his Family , 1755 *J. S. Copley, Mary and Elizabeth Royall, c. 1758 (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) GIBBSIAN: 1750-76 R. Smith, Mount Pleasant, 1762-65 J. Gibbs, Book of Architecture , 1728 A. Palladio – villa designs Palladian window *Anon., Vassall-Longfellow House, 1759 (Cambridge, MA) Engaged column Pilaster *Attrib. to Dr. J. Kearsley, Christ Church-Philadelphia, 1727-54 *Anon., St. Michael’s Church, 1752-61 (Charleston, SC) J. Gibbs, St. Martin-in-the-Fields (1721) Portico *T. McBean, St.Paul’s Chapel, 1764-6; spire c.1795 (New York) P. Harrison, Redwood Library, 1748-50 *P. Harrison, Kings’s Chapel, 1749-54 (Boston, MA) *works not illustrated in the textbook but available online...
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