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archneoclass - *J Hoban and B H Latrobe The White House c...

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HISTORY OF AMERICAN ART—Adelson Fall 2007 Slide list 7: Monuments on this list are required; useful terms and important names are indented beneath the monument information *T. Jefferson, Virginia State House, 1785-89 (Richmond, VA) Doric, Ionic, Corinthian columns Maison Carree in Nimes, France (in what was formerly Gaul) C. Bulfinch, Massachusetts State House, 1795-98 T. Jefferson, Monticello, 1769-84; 1796-1809 T. Jefferson, University of Virginia, 1822-26 Pantheon—in Rome (the most influential building in art history)
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Unformatted text preview: *J. Hoban and B. H. Latrobe, The White House, c. 1795 (Washington, DC) W. Thornton, B.H.Latrobe, C. Bulfinch, T.U. Walter, US Capitol, 1793-1865 W. Strickland, Second Bank of the US, 1818-24 Parthenon—in Athens (Pantheon is circular—think omelet pan; Parthenon is rectangular) *H. Bacon, Lincoln Memorial, 1922 (Washington, DC) *not illustrated in textbook but readily available on the web...
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