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HISTORY OF AMERICAN ART—Adelson Slide list #2 Spring 08 Monuments on this list are required; useful terms and names are indented beneath the monument information BAROQUE: 1700-1750 WILLIAMSBURG *College of William and Mary (Wren Building), 1695-98 (Williamsburg) Sir Christopher Wren—Great Fire of 1666 in London sash windows; dormers; balustrade; cupola; stringcourse; pediment *H. Cary, Governor’s Palace, 1706-20 (Williamsburg)—ballroom wing later addition architect-builder/gentleman-architect W. Price, Old North (Christ) Church, 1723 *H. Cary, Capitol, c. 1705 (Williamsburg) *Andrew Hamilton, Pennsylvania Colony House (Independence Hall), 1731 (Philadelphia)
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Unformatted text preview: *Anon., Armchair Queen Anne, c.1740-60 (Philadelphia Museum of Art) cabriole leg splat *Pieter Vanderlyn, Pau de Wandelaer , c. 1730-40 patroon Van Dyck (Charles I) akimbo *J. Kuhn, Henry Darnall III , c. 1710 (Maryland Historical Society) G. Hesselius, Lapowinsa , 1735 G. Hesselius, Tishcohan, 1735 (formerly the Historical Society of Pennsylvania) J. Smibert, The Bermuda Group (Dean George Berkeley and His Family), 1729 R. Feke, Isaac Royall and His Family , 1741 *R. Feke, Brigadier General Samuel Waldo, c. 1748 (Bowdoin College Museum of Art) *Works not illustrated in the textbook but easily available on the web...
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