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In this question since gravity c always point down

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Unformatted text preview: re torque. B) f is the same in both cases, and r is 2L in case 2, so the torque is bigger in case 2. C) The torque is force times its lever arm. In this question, since gravity C) always point down, the lever will be the horizontal distance between the ball and the wall, which in both case is equal to L. Physics 211 Lecture 17, Slide 20 Preflight An object is made by hanging a ball of mass M from one end of a plank having the same mass and length L. The object is then pivoted at a point a distance L/4 from the end of the plank supporting the ball, as shown below. plank Is the object balanced? A) Yes B) No, it will fall left L/4 gravity C) No, it will fall right L M M 62% got this right Physics 211 Lecture 17, Slide 21 Act How far to the right of the pivot is the center of mass of just the plank. the A) L/4 B) L/2 C) 3L/4 x M Physics 211 Lecture 17, Slide 22 Is the object balanced? Is A) Yes Yes B) B) No, it will fall left B) B) C) C) No, it will fall right C) L/4 M L/4 M x A) Ball of mass M balanced at L/4 left of pivot; beam of mass M balanced L/4 right of pivot. So system balanced. B) because part of the plank is on the left side of the pivot so there is more mass on the left side C) The torque is greater on the right because the distance from the center C) of mass is greater on the right. . Physics 211 Lecture 17, Slide 23 Preflight In case 1, one end of a horizontal plank of mass M and length L is attached to a wall by a hinge and the other end is held up by a wire attached t...
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