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Mullen Library Quiz Questions 1. I am majoring in Politics with a concentration in World/Comparative Governments, so the books most pertinent to my major are located on the second floor (mostly in 2A Center.) 2. Most of the books in my major are either F 1414 (such as International Security & Democracy by Jorge I. Dominguez, F 1414.2.I65 1998) or E 840 (such as Blowback by Chalmers Johnson, E 840 J63 2000). 3. Two large portraits of President George Washington and Cardinal James Gibbson hang in the main periodicals reading room. 4. Eight Periodicals in the reading room are: The Sociological Review, American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Bottom Line, History of Today, Journal of Social Policy, The Sociology of Education, Politics and Society, and Media History. 5. To find back issues of these periodicals, one must go to the bounds section located behind the first floor stairwell. 6. My favorite periodical is the American Sociological Review because it contains many innovative articles on research projects targeting the world we live in today. For instance, one such article was about why Jewish Americans have a
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