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Unformatted text preview: ping of models due to changes in display –  E.g. anima:on 7 2D Transforma:ons •  Basic transforma:ons –  Rotate around origin –  Scale from origin –  Translate wrt origin 8 Combining 2D Transforma:ons Model Coordinates World Coordinates 9 Combining 2D Transforma:ons Scale 0.25, 0.25 Rotate 90o Translate 5, 3 Model Coordinates World Coordinates 10 Transla:on •  Transla,ng a coordinate means adding a vector to each of its components + (1, 4) x’ = x + tx y’ = y + ty 11 Scaling •  Scaling a coordinate means mul:plying each of its components by a scalar •  Uniform scaling means this scalar is the same for all components: ×2 12 Scaling •  Non- uniform scaling: different scalars per component: X × 2, Y × 0.5 x’ = x * sx y’ = y * sy 13 2- D Rota:on x = r cos (φ) y = r sin (φ) x’ = r cos (φ + θ) y’ = r sin (φ + θ)...
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