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Unformatted text preview: x Composi:on •  What if we want to rotate and translate? –  Ex: Rotate line segment by 45 degrees about endpoint a a a 39 Mul:plica:on Order – Wrong Way •  Our line is defined by two endpoints –  Applying a rota:on of 45 degrees, R(45), affects both points –  We could try to translate both endpoints to return endpoint a to its original posi:on, but by how much? a a a Wrong R(45) 40 Mul:plica:on Order •  Scaling and rota:on are both about the origin •  Translate shape to the origin, rotate, translate back to where you want it a a p R(45)*T(- 3,0)*p T(- 3,0)*p a T(3,0)*R(45)*T(- 3,0)*p 41 Java2D Intro •  Check out the Graphics2D class –  Your graphics object can be cast as a Graphics2D object •  Graphics2D contains an affine transform that is applied to shapes •  Useful methods: –  AffineTransform getTransform(), void setTransform(AffineTransform Tx) •  Returns/sets a copy of the...
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