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THA 30-Introduc!on to Theatre-932QuizzesThe Way of the World QuizHistory !The Way of the World Quiz Results for JiaHui Gao Score for this quiz:70 out of 100 Submi"ed Oct 29 at 10:39am This a"empt took 10 minutes. 10 / 10 pts Ques!on 1 "The Way of the World" was wri"en by: Aphra Ben Congreve Correct!Correct! Yes, William Congreve wrote this play. Sheridan Shakespeare The writers of the English Restora!on were greatly influenced by the plays of the French, especially Moliere, who flourished during the fi#y years when English stages were dark. 10 / 10 pts Ques!on 2 Which of these is not a character in The Way of The World? Fainall LelioCorrect! Correct!
He was the cowardly swordsman in "Vene!an Twins". Foible Mirabelle One characteris!c of Restora!on comedy is the naming of characters a#er one of their chief behaviors or tendancies. This prac!ce is common in the Commedia and comedies of Shakespeare and Ben Johnson and con!nued into the opere"as of Gilbert and Sullivan. 10 / 10 pts Ques!on 3 Each scene ends with an epigram, punctuated with a: Correct! Correct!
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The last two lines in each speech have their final words rhymed.
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