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meaning of family

meaning of family - Family Values Christopher Reale CMP-120...

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Family Values Christopher Reale CMP-120-?? October 7, 2007
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Whether brought up by biological parents or adopted, humans in every culture are born into a family, the most natural and tightly knit circle known to man. Every family is diverse in its own way. Many people think that their family is abnormal and are embarrassed at times, but in their heart they have a natural sense of pride and loyalty to the family in which they belong. Families in several cultures have a low tolerance to embarrassment, disgrace, and harm of their reputation, but regardless of culture, as long as a family member respects his family, his family will respect him. If a man abandons his family, It is his own problem in the long run. His family will certainly be saddened, but will not be left in the dust, he will. Tradition, loyalty, and solace are the key elements of family. Tradition keeps a family strong through the generations, loyalty promotes trust, a sense of love, and a sense of belonging, and solace is the enigmatic support and healing power that each family member wields. These three aspects intertwine to create the essence of family. Tradition deals with the past. Each family is unique in its own way, partly due to its many generations of history. Traditions are formed out of enjoyable and important experiences that are passed on from grandson to father to son, to generations later. Traditions leave such a lasting impact on people that they are part of what holds a family together. Traditions and rituals are almost sacred in a strong family. One such tradition, as E.B. White recalls in Once More to the
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