Essay #4 CMP - Moral issues - Doing well and doing good may...

Essay #4 CMP - Moral issues
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Doing well and doing good may sound similar in a literal way, but morally, they are polar opposites. Throughout history, the moral issues of personal gain as opposed to the well-being of all life, have been both pondered and experimented with. Dating from the last few centuries B.C.E. with philosophers such as Socrates, and his students Plato and Aristotle, and even before, with Hammurabi's Law's, the question of what is good or just has been deeply explored. Contemporary examples of societies based on the ideas of doing well or good are capitalism in the west, and attempts at creating a utopia through communism further to the east. Doing well or doing good are highly paradoxical ideologies, hence the rivalries throughout history between supporters of each side, and the everlasting debates which still continue in every society. The question of whether to act or not to act is just as important, as supporters of a certain ideology may not practice it in their own lives, which is just as futile as valuing the opposing ideology. Whether one looks out strictly for himself or keeps the sake of others in mind, one can only be just if he practices his true values. Furthermore, if one believes that something is wrong but at the same has his own interests in mind, he is unjust to act for his own interests if it involves doing what he believes is wrong. When the the deepest questions of morality are pondered, as Ghandi said, one can only “Be the change [he] wish[es] to see in the world”. George Orwell, Claire McCarthy, both writers of their own life experiences, both talk of unjust
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