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defining the american dream

defining the american dream - Defining The American Dream...

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Defining The American Dream Chris Reale
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CMP-120-B4 10/24/2007 To some the American dream means a single way of living for everybody, whether it is creating the nuclear family of the 1950's, being a rural self-sufficient citizen, becoming a company executive millionaire, or living various other mainstream ideas of the American dream. Although many people think in this black and white manner, the American dream can be a different dream for every citizen. In essence, the American dream is the freedom to choose how you wish to live your life. As Dinesh D'Souza, an immigrant from India says in his essay Becoming American , “In America...you get to write the script of your own life.” This is true, but in some cases is not as easy as it sounds. In reality, achieving the American dream may be a harder task for some than for others due to obstacles such as race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Nevertheless, everybody has the capability and opportunity to succeed in achieving their idea of the American dream.
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