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tartuffe crutique - Tartuffe @ McCarter Theater Written by...

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Tartuffe @ McCarter Theater Written by Moliére Directed by Daniel Fish Chris Reale THE-120-F1
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11/13/2007 Moliére's Tartuffe begins when Orgon, a wealthy and generous man, meets a very poor, humble, and holy seeming fellow by the name of Tartuffe, and decides to bring him in to his house. From the instant the other family members catch a glimpse of Tartuffe, all except Orgon and his mother get a bad vibe. The other family members try to warn Orgon throughout the play, who becomes so skeptical of their opinions, and increasingly trusting of Tartuffe, that he gives all of his property and money to Tartuffe. On top of this, he even gives Tartuffe his wife! At this moment, Orgons world take a total 180 as Tartuffe reveals his true, evil character, and leaves Orgon with nothing. At the very instant that gives up hope and faces the fact that he destroyed his families life as well as his own, one of the Kings officers arrests Tartuffe. Tartuffe is a comedy while at the same time a play that can really get you thinking as it contains an interesting moral. Director Daniel Fish's Tartuffe at McCarther Theater in Princeton had some interesting spins on the set design as well as some of the actors, but also had a few minor flaws. The set was fairly abstract as most of the stage was a plain and totally undecorated, with a screen
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tartuffe crutique - Tartuffe @ McCarter Theater Written by...

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