07-15-12 LAtimes Poland dreams of energy independence _ through fracking -

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Unformatted text preview: gels o utlast Y ank ees to win ho me run derby , 1 0-8 07 /1 5 /201 2, 2:03 p. m . Knic k s' Jaso n Kidd f ac ing DWI c harges af ter c rashing his SUV 07 /1 5 /201 2, 1 :28 p. m . Suc h inc idents hav e turned shale gas into so mething o f a mantra f o r the P o lish go v ernment. "Ev ery c ubic meter o f gas that … do esn't hav e to be impo rted is go o d news," said Mic hal Go lebio wsk i o f P o land's T reasury Ministry . (Ov erall, the c o untry is still heav ily reliant o n c o al f o r its energy needs.) P o lish o f f ic ials hav e made f requent v isits to the U.S. to learn f ro m A meric an suc c esses — and f ailures — in plac es suc h as P ennsy lv ania and T ex as, where hundreds o f drilling rigs hav e pro lif erated in just the last f ew y ears. Videos But P o land f ac es partic ular dif f ic ulties. Suppo rt serv ic es and inf rastruc ture are lac k ing. Mo re daunting is the f ac t that the shale depo sits, believ ed to stretc h in a wide belt f ro m no rthwest P o land do wn to the so utheast, lie muc h f arther undergro und than in the United States, as deep as 2 1 / 2 miles belo w in so me c ases. T hat will mak e drilling muc h mo re ex pensiv e tha...
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