07-15-12 LAtimes Poland dreams of energy independence _ through fracking -

Ev en if all that gas is there by no means a c

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Unformatted text preview: all that gas is there — by no means a c ertainty — it will tak e y ears f o r this f ast-gro wing Eastern Euro pean natio n to dev elo p pro duc tio n o n a sc ale nec essary f o r ac hiev ing self -suf f ic ienc y . P o les c o nsume 1 4 .5 billio n c ubic meters o f gas a y ear, abo ut 30% o f whic h c o mes f ro m do mestic so urc es. Nearly all the rest is impo rted f ro m Gazpro m, the state-o wned Russian energy giant, whic h has been k no wn to play hardball with its c usto mers. $ 2 6 fo r A ll-Pu r p o se To w e l, Ch a nge Ro o m , Sle e p ing Ba g & Mo r e (r e g. $ 6 0 ) Most View ed Latest N ew s Christian Bale's trippy night o ut with T errenc e Malic k 07 /1 5 /201 2, 2:49 p. m . Seth Mac Farlane's po tty -mo uthed 'T ed' do minating in A ustralia 07 /1 5 /201 2, 2:24 p. m . Kasey Kahne wins at New Hampshire 07 /1 5 /201 2, 2:1 6 p. m . I n early 2009, at the height o f winter, Gazpro m withheld gas f ro m Uk raine in a dispute o v er pric es and pay ment, a shuto f f lasting f o r day s that also af f ec ted deliv ery to mo re than a do zen o ther shiv ering Euro pean natio ns. On at least o ne day in February o f this y ear, P o land detec ted a sudden 7 % dro p in supply f ro m Gazpro m; so me suspec t Russia was ho lding bac k so me o f its gas f o r itself to c o mbat a nasty c o ld spell. A n...
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