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07-15-12 LAtimes Poland dreams of energy independence _ through fracking -

I ts a c o ntro v ersial prac tic e co nc ern abo ut

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Unformatted text preview: ic e: Co nc ern abo ut ill ef f ec ts suc h as gro undwater c o ntaminatio n has led to a ban o n f rac k ing in c o untries suc h as Franc e and Bulgaria and in the state o f V ermo nt. But here in P o land, o f f ic ials ex c ited by the pro spec t o f energy independenc e and largely untro ubled by env iro nmentalists are embrac ing it with a passio n. Wa nt je a ns t h a t fit ? St e p in t o t h e s c a n n e r Ads by Google Na tu ra l Ga s Sh a le Comp a n ies Learn More About An Energy Strategy T o Get Natural Gas From Shale. c h e m ist r y t o e ne r gy . c o m / Sh a le _Ga s Top $ For Min era l Righ ts We Buy Mineral Rights Nationwide Call 303- 986- 35 36 For More I nfo! w w w . Mine r a lA c q u isit io ns. c o m So are the f o reign c o mpanies that hav e stampeded into P o land to stak e c laims in what o ne A meric an partic ipant happily desc ribes as a "land grab." "We o nly need o ne o f these things to wo rk , and it c o uld be a c o mpany -mak er," said Jo hn Buggenhagen o f San Leo n Energy , sitting amid ro lls o f geo lo gic and sc ientif ic maps in his Warsaw o f f ic e. T he multinatio nal f irm o wns the rights to ex plo re 1 4 "c o nc essio ns" in P o land, eac h c o v ering nearly 4 00 square miles. Ev en if...
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