07-15-12 LAtimes Poland dreams of energy independence _ through fracking -

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Unformatted text preview: f thro wing o f f Russian do minatio n. But this time the ro ad to independenc e lies mo re than a mile beneath their f eet. www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-poland-fracking-20120715,0,6703189.story Su nse t links L. A . 's p a st t o it s fu t u r e | V i d e os Op i n i o n : Sa nd u sky — a h e a d c a s e p u zzle 1/4 7/15/12 Poland dreams of energy independence — through fracking - latimes.com Rom n ey 's c r i t i qu es of Eu r ope r a i se som e qu est i on s Ads by Google Fracking Ban Reversed Spilman Thomas & Battle Represents Northeast Energy Successfully in WV w w w .spilm anlaw .com /Fracking_ Ba n I f geo lo gists are right, up to 7 68 billio n c ubic meters o f natural gas sits trapped in shale depo sits deep beneath the surf ac e in P o land, eno ugh to meet the c o untry 's needs f o r the nex t 5 0 y ears and mo re. T he estimates hav e tantalized P o les with v isio ns o f ending their relianc e o n Russian gas, whic h warms them thro ugh harsh winters but puts them at the merc y o f their f o rmer masters f ar mo re than they wo uld lik e. Ex plo iting these undergro und reso urc es, tho ugh, will mean a lo t o f no isy , water-intensiv e and po tentially harmf ul "f rac k ing," o r hy draulic f rac turing, the pro c ess o f sho o ting c hemic al so lutio ns mix ed with sand into the shale to prize it o pen and release the gas. I t's a c o ntro v ersial prac t...
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