07-15-12 LAtimes Poland dreams of energy independence _ through fracking -

What abo ut damage to the gro und water supply what

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Unformatted text preview: to inv est. What abo ut damage to the gro und water supply ? What go o d is c heap natural gas if y o u c an't drink the water f ro m wells bec ause c hemic als f ro m the gas ex trac tio n pro c ess are c o ntaminating y o ur well water? BEWA RE OF OI L COMP A NI ES DRI LLI NG T HROUGH Y OUR GROUNDWA T ER SUP P LY ! Y o u need water mo re than y o u need natural gas! Ho w abo ut gro wing v egetables that y ield o ils that y o u c an ex trac t and burn f o r heat? P ro bably no t muc h o f a f uture in that ro ute. What abo ut so lar energy ? Undergro und ho uses? May be y o u need to learn mo re Russian? Co m m ents are filtered fo r language and regis tratio n is required. The Tim es m ak es no guarantee o f c o m m ents ' fac tual ac c urac y. Readers m ay repo rt inappro priate c o m m ents by c lic k ing the Repo rt Abus e link next to a c o m m ent. Here are the full legal term s yo u agree to by us ing this c o m m ent fo rm . www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-poland-fracking-20120715,0,6703189.story 3/4...
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