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1 Reconstruction 1865 - Reconstruction 1865-1877 1. Post...

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Reconstruction 1865-1877 1. Post Civil War Situation a. South – Confederacy defeated. i. 260,000 died. (1 in 5) ii. Location of most of the civil war. Major cities destroyed. Richmond in ruins. iii. Economy, Major Industries, Railroads, Livestock, Cotton, Crops: all destroyed. Marcs love for jlynn grows iv. Confederate Currency falls to no value. Savings, Banks, Bonds: Lost v. Slavery: 4m slaves become free. $4B invested. vi. Conquered Country. People have no idea of what future holds. b. North- Victorious i. 340,000 union troops died. 38,000 Af. Am. troops. ii. Northern Industry expanded. Wasn’t impacted much by war iii. In total control of Federal Government. iv. Increased tax on imported goods. v. Creates national currency and bank for the North 2. Post Civil War Issues a. Political i. What is going to happen to 11 states that left union? Back to US? 1. Constitution: No process in letting states back into the Union ii. How much power will the federal government have? 1. Become weak, or strong? b. Economic i. How is the South going to recover? The south’s system of economic development of slave labor for cotton, etc. is gone. What will replace the slavery system which made South wealthy before war? Can it recover? c. Racial
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i. What is going to happen to the 4 Million Ex-Slaves? Are they US citizens? Should they have political and legal rights? What is freedom exactly? ii. For White Southerners: Worry due to 4 M slaves released and their behavior. 3. Presidential Reconstruction 1865-1867 a. Requirements on South i. Lincoln’s Plan – uses his power as Pres to begin process. Began reconstruction before the war ended in states that have fallen to Union Army such as LA and TN. Made the ability of state to rejoin Union extremely easy. His plan was basically %10 of white population of state take oath of allegiance and that state is back in the union. Made this easy to get War over with to get states back in Union. ** Congress passes 13 th amendment to outlaw slavery. Any state that takes 10% oath has to ratify the 13 th Amendment, if so you’re back in US ** Freedmen’s Bureau- a federal agency set up to help free slaves in the South. Set up schools for them due to illiteracy. Helps slaves negotiate labor contracts. Negotiate land contracts. For the 4M slaves, 1000 agents sent to South. - 1865 Lincoln assassinated. For Reconstruction, it made the North even angrier at the South. North believed assassinated was part of Federate conspiracy. Also made the Vice Pres become Pres… Andrew Johnson. ii. Johnson’s Plan - Democrat from TN and Unionist. Meant the South started debating whether or not to leave union, Johnson opposed. Goal to preserve US. Never compromised, also believed he was right, never made mistakes. When
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1 Reconstruction 1865 - Reconstruction 1865-1877 1. Post...

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