3 Problems, Tensions, and Reponses to Changes

3 Problems, Tensions, and Reponses to Changes - PROBLEMS...

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PROBLEMS, TENSIONS, and RESPONSES to CHANGES i. Characteristics of emerging society i. American becomes Urban. ii. Giant corporations dominate economy iii. More Goods/Services, More Work Choices ii. Problems and Tensions generated a. Three General Fears i. Fear that Americans have lost their independence 1. The world is controlled by strange people in far places. ii. Fear that Americans are losing confidence in their selves. 1. Economic opportunity vanishing. Chance to rise and own personal business disappearing. Boxed into work days/week for low wages. 2. Western Frontier gone. iii. Fear of Disorder. Middle v Upper Class. Strikes. The “Tramp” Class. - Problems: o Monopolies. Not good for consumers, when one business controls entire market. o Factories Dangerous. No safety regulations. Death/Injury. Child Labor. o Children, Women, Men work and still remain in poverty. Paid Low wages. - People Begin Coming up with answers to these problems w/ solutions that could hopefully make America a better place to live…… iii. First Responses a. Writers and journalists i. Books address Issues/Fears ii. Progress and Poverty by Henry George 1. How to solve low wages for workers. Economist. Journalist. Became a Best Seller. Economic Theory he hopes will help the workers’ world. 2. HIS IDEA: Single Tax- on land sales. Land values decrease some workers able to purchase land and move back to farm and quit jobs. The wages will eventually rise. iii. Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy 1. Unless American society changes direction, it will collapse. Society descends. The Novel offered a solution to that fat. Utopian novel. Story of a man in Boston in 1887 that falls asleep in park. Stays asleep for 113 years. Wakes in 2000. (1887 Boston dirty and dysfunctional), (2000 Boston is transformed to Utopia. No politicians, No wealthy classes) 2. State controls everything. Everyone paid the same. 3. Book Becomes a Best Seller. b. Religious i. Many Christians concerned about rise of “immoral behavior”, such as saloons, prostitution, etc. Wants world back on a moral path ii. How to do this? 1. Urban Revivals- swept country. Evangelists would go to big city, be there for week or two, under tent, advertise, get public to come and listen to sermon. Sermons raised against saloon, gambling, prostitution, etc. Trying to get the people to change their ways and become moral.
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3 Problems, Tensions, and Reponses to Changes - PROBLEMS...

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