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Dance Paper 3 - The David Parsons Experience The people of...

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The David Parsons Experience The people of Tucson and more exclusively those associated with the University of Arizona have an opportunity to view a performance by one of today’s most notable Modern dance companies. The University of Arizona is hosting The Parsons Dance Company in the near future. David Parsons and his repertory of the most elite dancers, musicians and technicians have taken Modern dance to a new level, through technology and the genius choreography of David Parsons. Parsons’ boundless imagination developed from a foundation laid by the founders of Modern dance. Modern dance has taken many different forms since its birth in the early 20 th century. The source of deviation from its original form is the result of inspiration, the same way that the founders were inspired to deviate from ballet and its rigid proper form. In order to understand and appreciate the Parsons Dance performance it is important to be aware of the history of Modern dance and Parsons’ source of inspiration. The first ballet was composed in Paris in the late 16 th century. Ballets popularity rapidly spread throughout the European countries and into Russia, but it was not until the early 20 th century that ballets popularity spread to America. By this time in Europe a group of dancers and supporters of the arts began to rebel against ballets proper, class driven nature. The rigid structure of ballet limited the potential movement and expression of the human body. Francis Delsarte is known to be the inspiration for modern dance even though he had no background in dance. He studied how humans actually move, behave and interact in emotional and real life situations, by observing people in public and in other circumstances. He paid great attention to all of the human expressive and
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Dance Paper 3 - The David Parsons Experience The people of...

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