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Unformatted text preview: ADJUSTMENTS TO NEW SOCIETY - System that resulted as the part of the 5 changes, must be adjusted to- Three Main Areas of Adjustments 1. Labor- Work long hours, no safety, child labor, minimum wage. - Still interested in benefiting conditions. Strikes not working. Need a new way/ a. American Federation of Labor (AFL) i. Dramatically dif from knights of labor. (Different Goals , Membership.) ii. Open to only SKLLLED workers. Few African Americans skilled. Few women skilled. Basically an all white male union. iii. Simply wants to better workers’ conditions. (Increased wages, decreased hours) iv. Endorse candidates promising 8 hr days/more $. v. Striking is the best weapon.[ Difficult to replace skilled workers. ] vi. Result: Effective in getting what they want. Membership in 1905 is up to 2mill. Largest union in History up to this point. vii. Message: Will Fight. Adjusting to what’s here. No Alternatives. b. Continued dissent i. Still unskilled workers looking for other alternatives. Not successful. ii. Alternative to AFL, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), similar to Knights of Labor. Same philosophy. Anyone can join. Utopian vision of workers’ taking over factory. iii. Diff w/ K of Labor::: IWW supports using the strike. Advocates violence vs. factory. Advocates sabotage if necessary. Extremely radical union. Not many followers, 1910 only 15,000 members. iv. Third Political Party: SOTS PARTY . Emerge in early 20 th c. On local level, elect 70 mayors country wide, couple congressmen. Popular in rural America. 1. Sots- state controls everything (economy, business, etc.). 2. Pulls in 1m votes in 1912 election. 2. Culture a. Commercial Amusements i. Didn’t exist until early 20 th c. Why these rise? B/c workers looking for way to escape from terrible work lives, if only for short time. Many patronized by the working class. ii. Examples: 1. Baseball (reasons: escape filthy city to park, drink beer, eat, enjoy sunshine, forget about time, etc.). a. Scream as Umpire vs. Factory Boss. Baseball players come from working class. Instead of idolizing bosses, working class idolized baseball players from their own class/lifestyle. 2. Movies- begins with kinetoscope (30 s clips) a. Projection of films evolves. Working Class becomes patrons. Theatre is popularized. b. Early films made fun of authority figures. i. Cops, bosses, etc. c. Black/White and Soundless. Theatres were spare rooms in back of warehouses, dirty/noisy. d. Place for workers to escape. Cheap. Entertained. e. Popular with Immigrants also, b/c teaching American culture. 3. AMUSEMENT PARKS- most popular. a. 1890s-early 20 th c. invented and Perfected. Spread Nationwide. b. 1893 World’s Fair – Columbian Expedition. (400 th Anniversary) i. Started the idea of amusement parks ii. In Chicago, idea to show off American with rest of world. Elaborate display. Convey sense of what future holds. Utopian vision....
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