dance 2 - Elizabeth, It is good to hear from you again. In...

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Elizabeth, It is good to hear from you again. In the past few weeks since I last wrote you I have been studying ballet and its different forms. Ballet is something that I would never thought I would find myself studying and even enjoying. At first I was skeptical, I didn’t really follow the concepts and history of ballet. So being the stellar student I am, I confronted my various confusions. I reread several chapters in our book, searched the Internet and even watched some videos. I returned to class with an open mind and a wealth of knowledge. Studying the history of ballet was very interesting and pertinent to other things I had learned in the past, but never knew were related. Developing an understanding for ballet helped me to overcome the embarrassment of galloping across the studio with my arms in the 5 th position and pretty much anything else we did in the studio. The basis of the ballet we were taught was of Russian descent in the classical period. I know that you are interested in the differences between court ballet, romantic ballet and classical ballet. Six weeks ago I would have laughed had you asked me that same question, but now I feel quite comfortable explaining their differences and significances. Court ballet is considered to be the spark that started the ballet blaze. The first ballet took place in Paris in 1581, but was not the origin of court ballet. In Italy dances were performed in the courts of the most extravagant and exclusive of events. These ‘ballets” were associated with other fine arts such as, poetry, music, and painting. Events like these were taking place a century before the first “ballet”. The majority of the progression of Italian court ballets took place in France. This was due to the Medici family who was extremely predominant during this time period. The Medici family was responsible for the development of ballet in France. Catherine de Medici was the regent of France, and sponsored the first official ballet in 1581, “La Ballet Comique de la
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dance 2 - Elizabeth, It is good to hear from you again. In...

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