Tango - Hasmi Patel Entry to Dance as Art Sec 2 Tango Jorge...

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Hasmi Patel 1 Entry to Dance as Art Sec. 2 5/7/2009 Tango Jorge Luis Borges once said, “The tango is a direct expression of something that poets have often tried to state in words: the belief that a fight may be a celebration.” A man and woman face each other, with the man holding the woman's right hand in his left, and with his right arm around her. The body is closer, more intimate than in any other dance form, and yet the two legs move faster and with more deadly accuracy then in any other comparable dance. It is this combination of sensual, meditative, relaxed contact in the upper body and swift, almost martial arts-like repartee in the lower body give the tango its unique identity. The tango is the third dance to use this hold for couple dancing. The Viennese Waltz is the first dance done in this couple hold. It is very popular in Europe in the 1830’s. Couple dancing before the Viennese Waltz is very formal and does not involve a lot of physical contact just mainly holding hands. About ten years after the Viennese Waltz comes the Polka. Also taking Europe by storm, the Polka becomes the newest craze to use this scandalous new hold. Tango is extremely different from anything that comes before it, and is the biggest influence on all couple dancing in the Twentieth Century. The story of tango’s evolution is a mystery but, what is known is that immigrants coming into Argentina brought these new couple dance with their more intimate hold. The Argentinean tango affects many societies and cultures through its expansion and influence. In the very beginning, the tango is a ballet-like dance between two men. They dance not arm in arm, but in something of a ballet-like, style, expressing a tale of two
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Hasmi Patel 2 Entry to Dance as Art Sec. 2 5/7/2009 men locked in symbolic mortal combat. It also expresses the men’s sorrows and hopes from the New World they ventured to. The tango is believed to be created as a result of
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Tango - Hasmi Patel Entry to Dance as Art Sec 2 Tango Jorge...

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