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Patel 1 Hasmi Patel English Composition 1002 Sec. 24 The sports culture produces some of the most revered and idolized figures in American society. Athletic achievements are glorified, and the achievers are often elevated to an extraordinary, super-human status. The rewards, praise, honor, power, and privilege that come from exhibited athletic talent and ability can be enticing as well as addicting. For many athletes their sport defines them. In today’s society heroes emerge when a finish line is crossed in record time; an immeasurable amount of points are scored, or beautifully placed; even lucky shots result in game-winning goals. Society grants professional athletes heroic status because of the athlete’s natural ability. In his article about Barry Bonds, Lee Klein argues that even though athletes use performance enhancers to “perfect” their ability, the athletes still need to have a natural ability and obsession for that sport. Not anyone off the street can become another Barry Bonds by using drugs. Society makes athletes heroes because the athletes are good at what they do, and society favors them for that talent. In Barry Bonds’ case, people praised him for his talent until they found out that he started using drugs to win games. People began to not idolize Bonds as they used to; they acted as if the home-runs he had hit before were all pointless. They did not realize that he still had the ability to win and be the hero they made him. How would sports heroes benefit society? Every person has dreams and hopes that he/she is not able to achieve, and problems he/she is not able to escape. As a result, “heroes are created as a great way to escape from whatever you need to escape from, and they can supply for you
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Patel 2 whatever you need” (Warner 2). Richard Lustberg, PhD. believes this because athletes are able to achieve the “impossible” and be the sports figure everyone wants to follow. Creating a hero is a way of handing over one’s dreams to someone who can accomplish them in another form or fashion. Sports heroes have an inexpressible power that can bring people together and help them cope. Athletes can also raise advertisers’ incomes. If an athlete advertises a product then it is
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sports paper - Patel 1 Hasmi Patel English Composition 1002...

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