Exam 1- American Ethnicity

Exam 1- American Ethnicity - market etc This is all from...

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Exam 1 1. Anything that was assigned to be read is fair game. Specifically, know all the terms and concepts presented in the text. 2. Make sure you understand how race and ethnicity are socially constructed, i.e., how they are categories formed based upon the relative socio-economic, political and historical context. Lecture and movie notes will be especially helpful here. 3. Understand how racial and ethnic categories have changed over time. Why? What have been the major causes for racial classifications (biological, political, legal, etc.). 4. Make sure you understand the various theories of ethnic relations…assimilation, split-
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Unformatted text preview: market, etc. This is all from chapter 2 and the lecture. It is not enough to know them, but also to understand how they differ. Be able to compare and contrast. 5. You were assigned four readings on blackboard…Have a detailed understanding of each of these pieces. Know the main point or theme, what is being argued or contested, what is being explained and how the authors make their case, what evidence they offer and maybe criticisms of the work (if any were discussed). Essentially, know the reading assignments well....
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