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Black Coaches - Patel 1 Hasmi Patel March 5 2008 English...

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Patel 1 Hasmi Patel March 5, 2008 English 1002 Assignment #2 McCallister Underrepresented Minorities The current athletics systems in many colleges and universities is not beneficial to black coaches, because the academic premises that the schools were founded on are in need of intensive restructuring towards African Americans being underrepresented in the coaching ranks. It is widely acknowledged that corruption is present in many colleges in the areas of recruiting, eligibility, race, and degrees possessed in hiring new coaches. In Wayne Drehs’ article, “Searching for Diversity,” he states that whites are not acknowledging the minorities’ capabilities to coach a team successfully. Instead, they are overlooked and not even considered for the position. Minorities should be given the opportunity to coach and show their abilities as any other white coach. As the statistics show in Conaway B. Haskins III’s article, “White coach has only a 50-50 shot at having a winning record. But, a black coach is more likely than not to win more games than he loses” (1). Black coaches are performing a lot better than white coaches, and yet they are not given the opportunity to train other athletes. Why this type of discrimination? Do people enjoy watching white men as coaches more than black men? The answer lies in Haskins’ article. He says, “No one can really make any other argument for why there aren't more black coaches in the NFL other than to cite the lingering effects of historical discrimination and the continuing presence of institutional racism with the NFL’s team executive suites” (2). The recruitment committee needs to stop “lingering” on the past and focus on what is good for the NFL or any other league by giving minorities a chance to show their talent. Black coaches should be
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Patel 2 considered to coach because they have the ability to raise the status of any sports association or league. It is a shame how people still discriminate against minorities due to past. Not only are they hurting the minorities, but they are hurting themselves and the players. The championship that could have been won by a black coach was lost by a white coach. A startling statistics shows that “out of those 255 men who have coached NFL-level teams, only eight African Americans (3.1% of the total) have risen through the ranks to reach the head coach spot” (Haskins 1). The stats are low because African Americans are not given the opportunity to coach. Recruiting officials should be ashamed when they see these numbers. It seems as if the sports world is promoting racism and discrimination. In our nation all individuals
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