test #2 - The Selfish Gene your genes drive your actions...

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The Selfish Gene. your genes drive your actions. Cell Reproduction: 3 ways. 1. Binary Fission , asexual, prokaryotic 2. Mitosis : asexual , eukaroytic 3. Meiosis: sexual , eukaroytic. Functions of Mitosis: 1. Unicellular organisms new individuals 2. Multi cellular new individuals 1. growth 2. repair- damage 3. replacement- 4 million per second of red blood cells. Mechanics of Mitosis: chromatin- the state that DNA is inside the nucleus. (net) For 2 cells Require: 2 nuclei and 2 sets of DNA. Replicate of duplicate your chromosomes \/ DNA to produce 2 sets. the X is a replicated or duplicated chromosome. one half of the the chromosome is chromatid. two sister chromatids are joined in the middle ( per say) by a centromere. Karyotype: the number of chromosomes laid out together. 46 chromosomes = 23 pairs. pair # 1 – 22 are known as autosomes. the final pair is used to determine sex. mothers and fathers 1 chromosome that make up 2 homologous pairs of chromosomes. IPMAT Inter phase= cell with its DNA spread out. 1 st stage of mitosis Pro phase = loss of the nuclear membrane, the DNA condenses into identifiable replicated chromosomes, (pro phase is packaging) , we start to get a polar nature to the cell , spindle fibers form. Meta Phase= spindle fibers line up the chromosomes in the middle of the cell. (meta phase chromosomes lined up in the Middle of cell) Ana-phase= separation of sister chromatids, pulled to north and south side of the cell.
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Telophase = re formation of nuclear membrane around the sperated sister chromatids. cytokinesis= cell movement. cytoplasm divides into 2 and 2 new cells are formed. . somatic cells= general body cells. ( where mitosis occurs) cell cycles : ¼ of the cells cycle is Mitosis; from the time of a new cell to the beginning of mitosis is known as inter phase. G1 S G2 are the ¾ of the cell cycle. G1= small cells , cell grows here. .. ,but as well it has a specialized process to occur as well. . S= synthesis of DNA here. . chromosomes replicate here. . G2= more metabolism takes place. . some cells are perma-locked in g1. nerve cells muscle cells( heart) Sexual Reproduction : Meiosis -> genetic recombination :::remember the human karyeotype:::: homologous pairs. ... 23 of em. . homologous chromosome: from the K type.
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test #2 - The Selfish Gene your genes drive your actions...

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