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Genetics_Problems - Genetics Problem Set B Biology 104...

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Genetics Problem Set B Biology 104 Genetics Problem Set — Biology 104 Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Show your work or explain your answers for full credit. Be sure to read the question carefully and answer everything that is asked; pay attention to the words phenotype and genotype . This problem set is due in lab one week after it is assigned. Assume that traits are autosomal (not sex-linked). Sex-linked traits will be identified. 1. In summer squashes, yellow fruit color (Y) is dominant to white (y). If a squash plant true- breeding for yellow fruit is crossed with a plant true-breeding for white fruit, what would be the appearance of the F 1 generation and in what proportions? What would their genotypes be and in what proportion? 2. From the F 1 generation above, what would be the genotypic and phenotypic ratios of the F 2 generation? 3. You are given a squash plant that has yellow fruit and asked to determine its genotype. Explain
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