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Physics for Scientists and Engineers (3rd Edition)

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Oscilloscope Experiment 1. Introduction to the Oscilloscope The aim of this experiment is to familiarize you with the use of a cathode-ray oscilloscope. This instrument will be employed in some of the later experiments, so it is important to clearly understand its operation. External voltages can be input to the y-axis or vertical amplifiers (on the lower left on the scope) which control the vertical motion of the electron beam and thereby the vertical position of the spot on the phosphorus screen. The voltage on the x-axis amplifiers, controlling the horizontal motion of the cathode beam, is generated internally. The horizontal voltage has a sawtooth shape, moving the spot with constant speed from left to right, and then back almost instantaneously. The horizontal speed (or the frequency of the sawtooth) can be controlled by the "time-base" unit on the lower right. Equipment Oscilloscope, Dry cell battery, 2 function generators. Method Various voltage sources will be connected to the oscilloscope to determine their time variation, period, and frequency. Procedure The oscilloscopes used here are expensive high-quality instruments and should be handled carefully. Do not have the intensity control set too high, and never allow a small very bright spot to remain stationary on the cathode-ray tube face. The screen can easily be damaged if the intensity is too high. When you turn on the 'scope, the pilot light and scale illumination will go on and a visible trace should
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