Informal #4 - 6 Losing my abilities that I posses Even just...

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Bethany Padgett Informal Writing #4 02-01-05 Steven King’s “Graveyard Shift” Top ten Scary things or “bears” to me: 1. People hiding under or in my car at night. 2. Snakes, especially when swimming. 3. Basements, no matter whether they are lighted or not. 4. People in my room at night while I am sleeping. 5. People in cars driving the opposite way that I am on the road.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Losing my abilities that I posses. Even just like being able to walk around, talk, or see. 7. Bulls, like actual cattle. It would be so easy for them to trample you! 8. Never being able to travel the world 9. Losing loved ones. (Death) 10. Dying of something very painful....
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