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Searle's classic paper - Now to the replies 1 The Systems...

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Dear students: My discussion in class regarding Strong AI and Weak AI was based on Searle’s classic paper on Minds Brains and Programs . It is unquestionably one of the most influential papers in cognitive science. The URL is below (CTRL + click to follow link): http://members.aol.com/NeoNoetics/MindsBrainsPrograms.html The paper will give you an excellent idea regarding the distinction between strong and weak versions of AI. You need to read the material UP TO:
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Unformatted text preview: Now to the replies: 1. The Systems Reply (Berkeley). With best wishes, Rajan PS: I might ask a question from the portions of Searle’s paper, on the first exam, from the portions specified above. I am assigning this, to make up for the missed lecture this recent Tuesday, due to inclement weather. Come see me during office hours or email me if you have any questions. Don’t wait until the night before the exam to read the paper and ask questions....
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