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Study Guide for Psychology 400 - Study Guide for Psychology...

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Study Guide for Psychology 400 Conceptual Representation of Knowledge - We store things in categories in our memory - Behavior- how fast we respond - Accuracy- confidence ratings, how much you get right - Reaction time between asking if a Robin is a bird is quicker than asking is a chicken a bird. - not much quicker, only about one tenth - We take these reaction time in a semantic network model (slides) o This is how memory is organized o The categories are called nodes o The lines connecting to the categories are called pathways Shorter pathways means little reaction time Length of pathways is proportional to reaction time These things are related to data Some characteristics of mental processes - They exist: mental processes are inferred; they can’t be observed directly - They can be studied scientifically - They are law full o An example of lawful is the forgetting curve o It is the same no matter what we study or talk about What is Neuroscience? - CNS: The central nervous system (the brain) o The brain and the spinal cord o But for this class mostly referring to the brain part - Neuroscience studies the brain behavior relationships - Some techniques used in studying these brain behaviors are: o MRI o PET scan o EEG’s o ERPs - The Hippocampus plays an important role in the information of new memories and in retaining some recently formed memories o We have brain tissue in our nose right between our eyes which can cause damage to the hippocampus o Guy shoved tin foil up his nose and punctured the brain tissue and in return damaged his hippocampus which he lost his short term memory o Hippocampus plays an important role in our memory
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What are some misconceptions regarding neuroscience? - The belief in Reductionism: The study of taking complex explanation and making the simplest one possible. o When it comes to the brain reductionism has failed o Brain processes are necessary but we do not know which ones are sufficient o This is why reductionism has failed in understanding brain processes o Fear: Electrical activity in the amygdala The definition of fear is not reducible to the electrical activity in the amygdala data because fear is a psychological state There is the biology of fear and the psychology of fear and one cannot be substituted for the other - Behavior has its causes in the nervous system o This is a misconception because relationships are bidirectional- not just one way. Behavior can cause affect on the nervous system as well as the nervous system can affect behavior The hippocampus and other brain process can be modified by experience ( example in notes) Eleanor MacGuire Berlin Violinists Birds - Depression is due to biochemical imbalances What are some important landmarks in cognitive psychology? -
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Study Guide for Psychology 400 - Study Guide for Psychology...

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