L10_ Heat Stress 2012 NEW

7 nwb 02 gt 01 db indoors or no solar load wbgt 07 nwb

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Unformatted text preview: BGT = 0.7 NWB + 0.2 GT + 0.1 DB Indoors or no solar load WBGT = 0.7 NWB + 0.3 GT WBGT = Web Bulb Globe Temperature ºC NWB = Natural Wet Bulb ºC DB = Dry Bulb ºC GT = Globe Temperature ºC Botsball Heat stress Monitor Work Rest Schedule Clothing Correction Factor More accurately accurately ... US Military Standard for Heat Stress and Water Consumption Controls What to do when things get hot. Programs Engineering controls Administrative controls Heat stress Programming •Knowledge of the hazards of heat stress; •Recognition of predisposing factors, danger signs, and symptoms; •Awareness of first-aid procedures for, and the potential potential health effects of, heat stroke; •Dangers of using drugs, including therapeutic ones, and alcohol in hot work environments; •Use of protective clothing and equipment; •Purpose and coverage of environmental and medical surveillance programs and the advantages of worker participation i...
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