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Heat exhaustion profuse sweating weak pulse and

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Unformatted text preview: doctor. •Heat Exhaustion - Profuse sweating, weak pulse, and severe fatigue. Skin may appear pale and feel cold and clammy. Greater severity marked by fainting and vomiting. Move person to cool location, preferably airconditioning and apply cool compresses. If symptoms continue, seek medical attention. •Heat stroke - Very high (106° /41° temperature, rapid and strong F C) pulse, and hot, dry skin. Move victim immediately to cool location, apply cool, wet compresses, and seek medical help. This condition can be fatal. An Investigation into the Death of Brian Savio Freeman Work Physiology and Heat Stress Brian Freeman Age: 21 Main Occupation: York University student Summer Job: Student Laborer, City of Scarborough Died: August 3, 1990; 1:50 am Cause of Death: Multi-organ Failure, Aspergillosis Brian Freeman Background No previous medical problems Overweight but not obese Relatively inactive Known to consume alcohol Events Leading to Freeman’s Death July 12, 1990: applied for student laboring job at City of Scarborough July 13, 1990: interviewed and hired July 14/15: camping tri...
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