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Geog_130_Exam_2_Review_Sheet_07 - • Perception...

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Geog 130 Exam2 Review Sheet Spring, 2007 All material from Lectures, Reading and Discussion are all fair game. What is a natural resource? Renewable vs Nonrenewable resources How are resources defined? make sure you can provide examples. Environmental determinism Environmental possiblism Sustainable development Role of Industrial revolution in development Energy use Current environmental issues: deforestation, desertification, water shortage, air pollution Differences in leading causes of mortality between the developed countries and the developing nations HIV/AIDs impact worldwide, women, children, and Sub-Saharan Africa Leading causes of death around the world Issues with Infant mortality and solutions Pregnancy related mortality and solutions Malnutrition and solutions “money doesn’t necessary buy health”
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Unformatted text preview: • Perception, socialization, status, roles, • How are women roles shaped/defined? • Status of women • Women & HIV/AIDs • What challenges women face • Grammen Bank • Genital mutilation • Burying Otieno exercise • Tribalism • What are elements we use to define ethnic group? • Nationalism – stateless nation (make sure you know examples) • What’s ethnicity? Ethnic identity? pluralism • Causes of ethnic conflict • Cost of ethnic conflicts • Child soldiers • What are the issues that affect the conflict in Nigeria • Solutions for resolving conflicts • Role of constitution • Elements for a stable government • Characteristics of democracy • What contribute to political changes in Latin America • Example of can maternity rate be lowered:...
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