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EHR: Scavenger Hunt View Only Cases 1 Last Revised Date: January 2013
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Metadata Author: Kay Folk Date Submitted: 03/21/07 Editor: Competency Domain(s) Health record data collection tools Competency Subdomain(s) IA. Health Data Structure, Content and Standards Competency Task/Skill(s) AS IA1. Collect and maintain health data (such as data elements, data sets and databases). IA2. Conduct analysis to ensure that documentation in the health record supports the diagnosis and reflects the patient’s progress, clinical findings and discharge status. Knowledge Cluster Content(s) N/A Competency Level Associate, Baccalaureate, or Both? Both Suggested Course Usage Fundamentals of HIM V-Lab Technology(ies) Used EHR Application Estimated Completion Time (in 15-minute intervals) 45 to 60 Minutes Necessary Prerequisite Knowledge Basic Understanding of EHR Loading Citrix Data Requirements Records in EHR 2 Last Revised Date: January 2013
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Objectives: After completing this activity, you will be able to. .. Conduct a patient lookup in the Cerner Powerchart EHR Navigate the various screens in Powerchart Change data views in Powerchart Find and review patient demographics Find and review a patient’s diagnosis 3 Last Revised Date: January 2013
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Introduction As you embark on a career as an HIM professional, it is imperative that you understand how information is stored in EHR applications. This exercise will introduce you to basic navigation and features in the ATHENS/Cerner EHR. Warning: Before starting this activity you must download Citrix. Refer to the EHR Student Guide provided to you by your instructor for additional instructions. You must also have your Virtual Lab student registration confirmed in the Web Registration System. If you have not done that, please see your instructor for additional assistance. 4 Last Revised Date: January 2013
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Lab Activity Task # Task Detailed Steps 1 Logging into the EHR If you have downloaded Citrix to your computer, log into the Cerner EHR to get started: 1. Go to your pc internet browser and type the URL: 2. Type the username: cernaes 3. Type the password: Cern@es123 At the next screen: 4. Click on the Power Chart icon: 5. Enter the school Account _______ 6. Type the current VLAB password _______ **The username and password are CASE SENSITIVE Please do not make a mistake in entering this information or all students could be locked out of the system. STOP and CONTACT Your INSTRUCTOR if you are unable to log-in after the second attempt. Let me know what screen you are at (a screen-shot is preferred) and the username and password you are attempting to enter. 2
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