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Prejudice, or negative attitudes towards certain groups or towards anyone perceived to be a member of a certain group, is likely caused by all the following, EXCEPT: consistently negative experiences with certain groups or with people perceived to be a member of certain group. A "minority group" can be defined as one in which members have to overcome obstacles related to group identification. A co-worker in their late teens was recently late to work. Using your co- worker's lateness to reinforce expectations that teenagers have a poor work ethic is an example of: selective perception Martin Luther King Jr's frustration with the "paralysis of analysis" refers to which of the following statements: There are times when additional communication is not necessary and action is required. _________ is necessary for successful conflict resolution Recognizing your obligation to make an informed choice and respecting another's right to choose What do California's Propostion 187, the English Only movement, and eugenics
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