Unit h homework

Unit H homework
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Unformatted text preview: BSC 1020 Homework Summer 2010 Riley Biology of Humans Biodiversity and Me Q1. You are preparing for a debate entitled: Bacteria vs. Humans: Which is More Highly Evolved? You have no idea which side you will be expected to take, so you must prepare for both. State what kinds of arguments or evidence you would use to support the idea that bacteria are more highly evolved. Do the same for humans. The total length of the debate should be 150-200 of YOUR OWN WORDS. (4 points) Q2. Complete the following table that highlights important branches (arguably, missing links) in the human evolutionary tree. (4 points) Individual Scientific Name Main characteristics (List three) Lucy Hobbit Ida Ardi Q3. This table contains, in no particular order, an animal, a plant, a fungus, an alga, a protozoan, a bacterium, an archaean, and a virus. Research and describe them. (7 points) Scientific Name Organism Type (Animal, plant, fungus, etc.) Habitat Unique or Identifying Characteristics (...
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