1AA3E Course Outline Sept 2012

1AA3E Course Outline Sept 2012 - Anthropology 1AA3...

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Anthropology 1AA3 Introduction to Anthropology - Sex, Food, and Death Lectures: Tuesday 7:00 – 10:00 Location: TSH 120 Instructor: Dr. K. Slonim Office: CNH 428 Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Anthropology Main Office: Chester New Hall, 524 Graduate Teaching Assistants: office hours and contact information TBA Course Description: This course will introduce students to the field of Anthropology and its sub-disciplines through the discussion of some of the big questions that anthropologists investigate in contemporary and past societies. Some of the issues explored in this course include; sex, gender, food, illness, and death from archaeological, biological, cultural and linguistic perspectives. Through this course you will develop an understanding of how the anthropological approach can be used to better understand the human condition, past and present. Learning Objectives : Through this course, you will: - Discover the diversity of research in the sub-disciplines of anthropology related to specific themes - Understand the theories, methods, and techniques used by anthropologists - Develop an understanding of the human place in nature from an anthropological perspective 1
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- Appreciate the relevance of anthropological knowledge and practices to society as a whole - Think critically about contemporary issues and debates - Enhance your comparative, analytic, and critical thinking skills through reading and written assignments Required Text: Sex, Food and Death – Anthropology 1AA3. Custom Edition for McMaster University. Assessment - Course grades will be assigned based on the following: Midterm Exam 30% Critical Thinking First Draft 10% Critical Thinking Final Draft 25% Final Exam 35% 100% Critical Thinking Assignments – this is a short written assignment designed to help develop your skills in critical thinking aptitude, editorial skills, and ability to produce a well-written, concise argument. Your first draft will be graded for completion rather than content 1 whereas the grade for your final draft will reflect the strength of your argument as well as the level to which
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1AA3E Course Outline Sept 2012 - Anthropology 1AA3...

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