Chemistry Mid-Term 2 Notes

Chemistry Mid-Term 2 Notes - ViCi = VfCf Strong...

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ViCi = VfCf Strong electrolytes are good conductors of electicity To find the molecular formula of 2 given masses: o Convert grams into mols of given compounds o Divide the one with more mols, by the one with less mols This tells you how many of each compound are in the emp. Form. o Find the Empirical Formula [(grams/mol)+(grams/mol) = Empirical Formula Mass o To find molecular formula: [(Molar mass of compound)/(emp. Formula mass)] = # Formulas per mol o Now multiply emp. Formula by # Formulas per mol (Avg. Amu)=(%ele.2)(Amu ele2) + (100-%ele2)(A) Solve for A To find # of atoms o Find total molar mass o Convert grams to mols o Multiply into avogadro’s mol o Turn into atoms Calculating Mass % o Divide the mass of the element you’re trying to find % of By the molar mass of the compound it’s in Finding empirical formulas o Convert each element to mols o Divide each mol by the smallest # Finding pressure o [Mols(nR)(T)]/V o Avg. KE = (3/2)(RT) o Root Mean Square Velocities (avg. velocity of gas particle) = (3RT/M)^(1/2) Finding concentrations o Concentration = amount of X / Vsoln o Convert compound from g mols o Divide my volume of solution in Liters Force = Mass x Acceleration (F=MA) o Acceleration is due to gravity SI units of force is Newton o 1 newton = 1kgm/s^2 also the force unit Pressure = force/area SI unit of pressure is Pascal (PA), 1 PA = 1kg/ms^s = 1n/m^2 o Standard Atmosphere = 101,325 PA= 1 atm = 760 torr = 760 mmhg
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Chemistry Mid-Term 2 Notes - ViCi = VfCf Strong...

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