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2 good news announcements are usually communicated

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Unformatted text preview: onditions of employment can be interpreted as legally binding contracts, even if you never intended to make such promises. Similarly, downplaying potentially negative news (such as rumors of a takeover) that turns out to affect the hired person in a negative way can be judged as fraud. Consequently, experts advise that a company’s legal staff either scrutinize each offer letter or create standardized content to use in such letters.2 Good-news announcements are usually communicated via a letter or a news release, also known as a press release, a specialized document used to share relevant information with the local or national news media. (News releases are also used to announce negative news, such as plant closings.) In most companies, news releases are usually prepared or at least supervised by specially trained writers in the public relations department (see Figure 8.9). The content follows the customary pattern for a positive message: good news, followed by details and a positive close. However, news releases have a critical difference: You’re not writing directly to the ultimate audienc...
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