After five years of work in the human resources

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Unformatted text preview: the medium is both acceptable to the audience and appropriate for the message. Organize the Information Choose a direct or indirect approach based on the audience and the message; most routine requests and routine and positive messages should employ a direct approach. Identify your main idea, limit your scope, then outline necessary support points and other evidence. 1 2 ROUTINE REQUESTS Your task: Draft an e-mail to Calvin Morris, your old boss at Cell Genesys, reminding him of the time you worked together and asking him to write a letter of recommendation for you.5 E-Mail SKILLS 1. Breathing life back into your biotech career: E-mail requesting a recommendation. After five years of work in the human resources department at Cell Genesys (a company that is developing cancer treatment drugs), you were laid off in a round of costcutting moves that rippled through the biotech industry in recent years. The good news is that you found stable employment in the grocery distribution industry. The bad...
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