As a leading global manufacturer and marketer of

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Unformatted text preview: ough we currently have no openings matching your qualifications, our needs are continually changing, and we would like to retain a copy of your résumé for one year. As a leading global manufacturer and marketer of quality furniture systems, products, and services, we are often in need of qualified candidates. When an opening does occur, we review our files to match our needs with candidates’ qualifications. Validates the statement about keeping résumé on file by explaining that résumés are reviewed when openings occur At Herman Miller, we cultivate a working environment that is conducive to the creative process. Our corporate culture develops and rewards those who acquire new skills and take charge of their careers. Be sure to keep us posted with updates on your progress as you gain experience and skills. Please feel free to check back with us. Our website is continually updated with the most recent employment information. Just follow the links to investigate career opportunities, the variety of benefits we extend to our employees, the corporate culture at Herman Miller, and the quality of life in West Michigan. Closes on a warm, positive note States the purpose of the e-mail immediately but places the bad news midparagraph and balances it with a positive idea Gives the reader a glimpse into the corporate culture and encourages co...
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